Martes, Mayo 31, 2011

NBA Finals Miami vs Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks vs Miami is one of the best series Big 3 for miami, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh Mavericks only have big 1 Dirk Nowitzkie but Mavericks play as a team not as a player they have good chemistry while the miami heat i think is not so much good as i can see in mavericks. Mavericks win the title for the first time as cuban pay his big sacrifice for the team with a ring. Mavericks knock down Miami in Game 6 and final MVP of Dirk Nowitzkie but Jason Terry is the one who give a big lift for the team to win in Game 6 Congratulations Mavericks and i think they are still contender in next season.

Sabado, Mayo 28, 2011

UFC 130 Live Stream

Quinton Jackson vs Math Hamill is the main event of this fight as our tale of the tape announce people already shouting because this is one of the most awaited fight in UFC 130. Quinton Jackson win against Math Hamill with the judging Score of:

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jackson (30-27 Jackson)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Jackson (30-27 Jackson)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Jackson (30-27 Jackson)

Sabado, Mayo 7, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley

Pacquiao's beat Shane Mosley in this fight. Pacquiao knock down Shane Mosley in 3rd round it was one sided game for me. Mosley has never been knock down it was his first knock out in his career i think. he praised manny pacman pacquioa for that. Mosley said it on the interview after the game he said "You can't blamed the age" Mosley is 39 years of age and pacquiao is 32 7 years gap. it was first time showtime sponsored this event because usually when pacquiao fight it always on HBO Pay Per View.

Pacquiao next fight is Juan Manuel Marquez headed on this coming November. this is the 3rd fight each of them. I think Pacquiao will be still dominating this game.

Sabado, Abril 30, 2011

UFC 129 Live Stream

UFC 129 main event is St-Pierre vs Shields as St.Pierre Dominated Shields and wins unanimous decision.

In the first round Shields throw an opening round and St.Pierre Counter it with his leg kick. St.Pierre did a spinning back kick leg he landed the kick and job Shields.
In the second round they change leg kick as St.Pierre goes down Shields do his best to end the game already but St.Pierre was too much smart to find a way to get out of his style of playing. Shields was so aggresive in the third round and fourth round before he was taking down by St.Pierre but he was quick and stand up to demolish St.Pierre again. In the final round Shields very active, St.Pierre landed a good left job and a leg kick before his powerful hand job. Shields struggle with St.Pierre landed his 1-2 punch and give him a power left kick. Shield Didn't lose since 2004 and streaking a 15 wins.

Linggo, Abril 17, 2011

Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz

Andre Berto wins a TKO fight against Victor Ortiz. Andre Berto defend his WBC Welterweight Title against Victor Ortiz when Andre Berto knock out Victor Ortiz at Round 6. Andre Berto did so well when he hit always the body of Victor Ortiz that make him lazy and lousy in this fight.

I think Andre Berto deserve this to win he train a lot not like Victor Ortiz to much self confidence to his self. Congratulations Andre Berto you did so well in this fight.

Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido

This fight we can say Expect the unexpected as Orlando Salido Knock Out Juan Manuel Lopez in round 8 that makes shock almost all of the viewers many people predict Juan Manuel Lopez can easily win against Orlando Salido. Juan Manuel Lopez is undefeated fighter that's why many people predict him to win but Orlando Salido prove it that he can win this fight and the announcer of showtime boxing was so really upset of the result in this fight.


Sabado, Abril 9, 2011

Boxing and Ufc Live Stream

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